Four-Way Ultimate Netbook Fighting Challenge!

Techradar’s got a long comparison of the Asus Eee PC 901, Acer Aspire One, HP Mini-Note, and MSI Wind, evaluating each model on a scale of 1 to 10 in important things such as battery life, screen, and performance.

Final verdict? It ranks the four in this order:

  1. MSI Wind: “combination of large hard drive and familiar OS makes for a well-rounded experience”
  2. Acer Aspire One: “only Acer seems to be focusing correctly right now, and it manages this while producing a well rounded machine”
  3. Asus Eee PC 901: “it just doesn’t capture the magic of the original, or do enough to warrant the high price tag. It works well though, and the expertise of the existing user base is reassuring”
  4. HP Mini-Note: “The main problems we have with this machine are the relatively high price, and the choice of processor”

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Eee PC 901 Vs Acer Aspire One

IT Week Labs, a UK-based blog, compares the Eee PC 901 and Acer Aspire One based on early usage feedback. Some facts of comparison:

Eee PC 901: 1.15 kg (2.53 lbs) with 6-cell battery, battery life of “several hours”, StarOffice 8

Aspire One: 1.26 kg (2.78 lb) with 6-cell, “just over two hours” on the 3-cell, 2.3

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