Trying Out The Wind In Shanghai

User hamshu on the forums posts the tale of how he got a hands-on with the MSI Wind at a mall in Shanghai, although he had to push his way past an elderly man and a small child to get at it! (Hopefully he was just kidding.) Anyways, he also got to play Warcraft III on the Wind against the store clerk. Some of his observations:

  • It’s really glossy, so will attract fingerprints.
  • Noticeably warm but not uncomfortably so.
  • Was able to view YouTube video in Firefox with WC3 running in the background.
  • Box comes with 3 CDs: System Restore, BIOS, Drivers/Manual.

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PC Magazine Comparison Chart

A nifty chart from PC Magazine that compares Acer Aspire One, HP Mini-Note, and two Eee PC models.

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